Meda Business Company

Mass Outreach finds it important to deliver qualitative projects on which people contributed with joy. Bastiaan Langhout, creative and project manager, gave us the opportunity to take a look inside Mas Outreach.

The colossal building is located at the road next to the Ooster Stadsgracht, one of the canals in Leeuwarden. It exists of several brown tones which gives the building a warm appearance. The massive wooden front doors gives you the idea that you are welcome to come inside the building. Once you have entered the building, you will notice a warm and open space on your left, where you will find most of the employees working together. The working space is filled with a big desk where computers are standing. Gigantic lights fill the room with a cosy ethos. The entire wall is filled with an enormous canvas that displays pictures of the employees who are working within Mas Outreach.

“It is delightful to work in this company,” Bastiaan said, while he smiled. “The interaction between me and my colleagues is informal, which makes it pleasant to work with each other. We know what is going on in each other’s life’s.” He also told us about the events within the company. “We have a lot of activities within Mas Outreach. Previous December, for example, we celebrated Sinterklaas with our families.” He shook his head when we asked him if he wanted to change anything about the company. “No,” he said, and he smiled.

Marketing is a capacious aspect of every company. Due to this, Mas Outreach has around 500 projects a year for 75 clients in 4 countries. The deadlines of the projects cause a lot of stress and influences the atmosphere sometimes. However, the large amount of projects do not bother Bastiaan. He is confident that having several projects is pleasant, since it makes working on the projects less monotonous.

Media is all about communication and Mas Outreach is aware of this. Their goal is to be known as an expert of cross-media, concerning communication tools. The company helps their clients by giving advice and by creating communication tools as apps, websites and brochures. Stenden is one of their biggest clients. Mas Outreach is concerned with every marketing communication of Stenden. They also create the campaigns for the university.

Every company has its competitors, and so does Mas Outreach. The company is founded in the media industry. Due to this, one would state that the company would have a hard time to exist, since there are a lot of companies already working within this industry. However, Mas Outreach does not feel this threat. They are confident that their company is an unique business. The thing that makes them unique, according to Bastiaan Langenhout, is the fact that every employee is involved in every project they are working on. Furthermore, the employees truly understand the real message behind the assignment for the target group of the client. Because of this, clients do not have the feeling that the assignment is misunderstood. They are confident that Mas Outreach creates something valuable. Lastly, the company knows how to work cross-medial. They use social media, for example, to promote their clients and their selves.

It is March 2016, which means that 2018 is almost around the corner. Leeuwarden is under the spell of Cultural Capital 2018, which gives Mas Outreach the opportunity to attempt to seize its change. The company will work on a website and the cultural agenda of Friesland. However, Bastiaan does not want Mas Outreach to grow. It is barely possible to guide internships, due to the fact that the company is really busy.

A small group of Multimedia Design students from NHL are currently working for Mas Outreach. Bastiaan appreciates how driven and entrepreneurial the students are. He advises students of Media and Entertainment Management to show the concerning company how driven and passionate they are about their work. A company should notice that you are willing to go to any extreme, in order to create the best content for the client. Bastiaan noticed that the students he guides, do not always have enough basic knowledge. He thinks that students should focus on this, since it is really important to have enough basic knowledge about something, before they learn the ins and outs.

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