Reason to keep playing video games

Video games are a hype nowadays. Countless experts have taken a look into this phenomenon, and so has Guido Band, psychologist of the university of Leiden. I went to see him in Leiden.

Guido Band has done plenty of research on the effects of videogames in the last couple of years. He focussed on the question: “What is the brains capability?”. “It is all about performance and processing information,” Guido says. “Video games can help you get smarter, but only if you are doing it the right way.” He explains to me that it is important to choose the right type of video game. “It is crucial to play a game that adjusts the game to your level. You cannot learn something from a game if you can only play it on the beginner mode. You will not learn Portuguese, for example, if school only provides you with the basics. In this way, you will never be capable of speaking the language fluently. And that is actually how it works with videogames as well. In order to see improvement, one should play the right type of video game about twenty times. The game should be on your level and you should play it for about 30/45 minutes. However, it is critical to do it every other day. Furthermore, Guido Band found out that a game as Call of Duty contributes to your visual- and hand speed. Your responsiveness will also improve by playing the game.

The next time you are playing a video game, you should take this into account.

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